How long does the whole process take?

Your Deed Poll will typically be delivered to your chosen delivery address within 1 to 2 working days, or sooner if you require an express delivery.

Legally, you can start using your new name on the day your Deed Poll is delivered in the post (subject to getting your signature witnessed by an independent witness). But of course how long it takes to complete the whole process of changing your name, depends on -

  • How you apply for your Deed Poll (it’s quicker online or by phone)
  • How quickly your Deed Poll is delivered in the post
  • Getting a witness to sign your Deed Poll
  • How quickly you send your Deed Poll or a legal copy to the relevant organisations (e.g. HM Passport Office, bank, doctor, etc)
  • How long it takes the relevant organisations to amend your records and issue new documents (e.g. passport, driving licence, bank cards, etc)

Click on this link for information about how long it might take you to complete the whole process.


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