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Every year thousands of people apply for a Deed Poll to add a middle name or names. Adding a middle name first became popular at the end of World War I when it was noticed that official records were showing that thousands of people were commemorating lost loved ones by adding the deceased’s name as a middle name.

Even today, adding a middle name for commemorative purposes is the most popular reason for adding a middle name. (55-per-cent of middle names are added in memory of a favourite deceased grandparent or best friend, for example.)

The second most popular reason for adding a middle name is upon marriage. Women who take their husband’s surname often choose to commemorate their maiden name by adding it as a middle name.

Many people also add a middle name simply because they weren’t given a middle name at birth.

During the last decade we’ve noticed that more and more people are choosing to be more creative when it comes to adding a middle name, often selecting ‘colourful’ middle names or taking inspiration from television, film, music or popular culture by adding the name of a favourite celebrity or fictional character.


How do you add a middle name?

Adding a middle name is easy and you can add as many middle names as you like. Simply apply for a Deed Poll and when it's delivered in the post, sign it with your witness. Then, to update your official documents and records to show your new middle name, simply send a letter explaining that you have changed your name to each of the organisations that hold your records (click on this link to view a sample letter) and enclose your Deed Poll (or a legal copy). Each organisation will then update your documents and records to show your new legal name.

So that’s it – adding a middle name really is as simple as that, and you can apply to add a middle name or change your middle name(s) now by clicking on this link.

However if any of the following applies, click on this link to go to our FAQs section first -

  • I don’t want to update all my documents and records immediately
  • I intend to travel overseas soon after adding a middle name and I need to change my passport
  • I want to add more than one middle name
  • I want to make my maiden name into a middle name
  • I want to add an unusual middle name
  • I want to add a middle name to my child's name
  • I have specific questions about adding a middle name


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