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  •   28 August 2014. Simple name change. I found this service very simple and the initial application took less than 5 minutes i have already recommended this service to a friend already 

    Helen, Blackrod, Manchester.

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Welcome to the Legal Deed Poll Service

The Legal Deed Poll Service is a trusted issuer of Government recognised Deed Polls which you can use to officially change any part or all of your (or your child's) name.

Deed Polls issued by The Legal Deed Poll Service are guaranteed to be accepted everywhere including HM Passport Office, DVLA, UK Border Agency, DWP, Jobcentre Plus, HMRC, your bank, doctor, employer and so on.

The process of changing your name by Deed Poll is simple, you can apply online using our secure application forms (secured by VeriSign), by phone or by visiting one of our offices in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland (appointment required).

Whichever way you apply for your Deed Poll, your documentation will promptly be delivered to your door within one to two working days (or sooner if you require an express delivery).

To find out more about how to legally change your or your child’s name by Deed Poll, please use the menu tabs at the top of this page.

If you have any questions which we can help with you can either: request a live online chat by clicking on the Live Chat button above, click on this link to request a call back, or call 0800 043 4321 (calls from landlines are free of charge).

Please note, if you are calling from a mobile it will be cheaper for you to call 0333 577 4321 (standard rate charges apply and calls are free if you have inclusive minutes or an allowance).

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